Band Info, Line Up and Band History
Since the early beginnings back in 1989 Mother's Pride have played more than 400 concerts, including opening shows for Ska and Reggae legends like Desmond Dekker, Laurel Aitken, Rico Rodriguez, The Specials, Bad Manners, The Selecter and Macka B. Constant touring took the band not only through Germany but also to France, Spain, Slovenia and Austria.

To understand what the band and their music is about, you've got to see Mother's Pride live. Those nine well-dressed gentlemen really know how to turn a concert into a party for everyone (which they'd like to join after the gig, of course). Their style is a mix of fast ska-beats, relaxed reggae tunes & some jazz and latin influences. It has been approved as "perfect dance music" by all kinds of audiences, from headbanging Death Metal fans to Dutch families on a camping site.

However, the "normal" audience at a Mother's Pride concert looks a little different. It's a colourful crowd of Skinheads, Rastas, Hippies & little punk girls and no one cares about colour of hair or colour of skin. Love music, hate racism!

If you've missed the concert, go to the next one. In the meantime, you can also listen to Mother's Pride on CD. The band has released 3 studio recordings and a live CD so far. Add some Offbeat to your record collection, listen, enjoy...

Line Up

Berry - Guitar
Eckert - Drums
Yaari - Bass
Meyer - Vocals
JB - Organ
Roland - Alto-Sax
Achim - Tenor-Sax
Till - Trumpet
Johann - Trombone


Ralf Rexin

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Band History

Eckert and Meyer form Mother's Pride
First LP: "Greatest Hits Vol.3"
Video "Ska Live im SO 36" with Mother's Pride and Judge Dread
CD Compilation: "Bands United", Song "Mr. Walker"
Second LP/CD: "Bullshit"
CD Compilation "United Colors Of Ska", Song "Minor Ska"

Split - EP "Mother's Pride vs. The Offbeatles" Songs: "Naja!", "Till I do what I say"
Third LP/CD: "Take That!"

CD Compilation "SKAnarchy III" (released in the US), Song "Pussy Problems"
Fourth LP/CD "Mother's Pride Live"
""Monsters of Hauptstadt" - Tour through Germany
CD Compilation "Deutschstunde Lektion I", Song "Blumen für die Dame, Schnaps für den Herrn"

Tour spontán two freaky weeks in Germany, France & Basque Country / Spain

Vinyl 7" "Shit Hit" ...